How to Find and Install Motherboard Drivers in 2021

Installing motherboard drivers can be a very hectic task, especially if this is your first time and you know nothing about the motherboard drivers. Drivers can be a hurdle between your new pc and gaming experience.

But don’t worry, we will tell you to step by step how you can install the motherboard drivers and then enjoy Fortnite with your friends. This article will show you how you can install the drivers and guide you where you can find these drivers for installation.


Most computer users don’t know what the driver and even know how it works on your computer. The driver is the program that communicates with windows to do the tasks on your computer.

Your mouse, keyboard, audio devices, and wireless networks everything need the driver to run in your computers. If you are using windows ten, it comes with drivers that you can use very easily and quickly.

Suppose you want to install the drivers in the motherboard of a gaming pc. In that case, we recommend using the drivers that the motherboard brands recommend because that will give you optimum level performance.

So, if you want to install the driver, you need to find the right drivers for your windows; let’s find how you can find the right drivers for your computers.

Finding Drivers

When you are finding the drivers, you need to know your motherboard model because if you install the wrong drivers in your motherboard, then there would be many problems in the functioning of your pc.

If you don’t know what drivers you should use in your motherboard, type the name of your motherboard on Google and then go to the site of your motherboard brand, and there you will find the right drivers you should install.

Many people download the drivers from third-party websites, but we don’t recommend you because most of those drivers are full of malware files, and installing those can harm your motherboard. But if you know the security risk of installing the drivers from the third-party website and knowing how to prevent them, you can do it.

MSI Drivers

If you are using the MSI motherboard, it would be very easy to find the drivers because it has a dedicated page for every motherboard model. Try to find the version suitable for your windows 10 and 64bit.

When you found the drivers on your brand’s site, you came across every kind of drivers like graphic drivers and SATA drivers. Then you need to download all the relevant drivers for your need.

You need to know before you start installing the drivers that before installation, you need to check the BIOS for smooth installation BIOS needs to be up to date.

The process of installation of drivers depends upon your motherboard manufacturer because there is some brand that has made the installation very simple by just the installer that you can run in the windows 10 while some other brands give you the option to install through the BIOS.

Some people think that it is a very complicated process, but it is not in the next step; we will tell you step by step that how you can install the drivers.

How to install the motherboard drivers Step-by-Step Guide

There are two methods to install the drivers in your motherboard the one is with the CD provided with your motherboard, and the other is without the CD. We will tell you both methods that how you can install with or without the CD.

Installation with CD

To install the driver with the CD, you need to follow these steps

  • Put the CD in your DVD room and then click on my computer icon.
  • You find the DVD files icon right-click on that, and then you need to click on the install/run program from your media.
  • Now you have the yes or no window, click on the yes.
  • Now you have a system window in front of you, and that has all drivers.
  • Mark the ones which you want to install
  • Then click on the express install
  • Now your drivers are installing, and the bar will show you which one is installed and which one is remaining.
  • After the drivers are installed, then your computer will restart.
  • When the drivers are installed, a window will show on the screen click ok, and your computer will restart.

Installation without CD

If you don’t have the CD, this method is for you now; you have to download and install your motherboard drivers. You need to install four drivers from the website, and those four drivers are audio, VGA, and chipset.

  • Open Google and type your motherboard model in the bar and click enter.
  • Then find the official website of your motherboard.
  • When you open the website, the navigation is very easy, and you easily see the drivers.
  • Now come in the driver’s options and select your windows version.
  • Now you have the drivers in front of you, choose the ones that you want to download, and then click download
  • After some time, the downloading will start
  • When the download is complete, install the driver and play your favorite games.


If you are the expert, you don’t need to read this section, but if you are a newbie and installed the drivers the first time, then read this section carefully because you will get to know that the drivers you have installed are working properly or not?

There are two methods to check the drivers that if they are working properly or not?

  • Through the command prompt
  • The other is by the device manager

If you know the computer well, then the command prompt is for you, and it is a lot quicker than the other method and a bit complicated for the newbie.

Open the device manager on your computer. You might have all the components and drivers list in front of you now. If you want to verify that the VGA driver is installed, or not then right-click on that driver and then go into the properties. And then you will know that your driver is installed.

If you want to verify the Intel adapter, then click on and there will be a new window in front of you with other options. Then you have to see the general tab, and there you will see that if the driver is working properly or not.

This way, you can verify all the drivers in your computers that if they are working properly or not. If you installed the driver, but it is not working properly, you need to reinstall the driver again, and after installing, reinstall your computer. There are many chances that this time the driver will be installed perfectly.

In windows 10 there are sometimes issues with the new drivers, and the computer moves again and again to the generic driver; if your computer does too, then it is totally fine. You need to do troubleshooting if there are any performance issues.


If you are a newbie and don’t know how to install the drivers of the motherboards, then we have guided you step by step that how you can install the drivers with the CD or without the CD.

Our article will tell you what the driver is and then two methods to install the drivers and after that how you can verify that the drivers are installed perfectly or not.

By the end of this article, you might have successfully installed your motherboard drivers and are preparing to play your favorite game on the pc.


Can I install drivers from USB?
Yes, you can install the drivers from the USB if you have downloaded it from the official site of your motherboard and not from any third-party website because that can have a virus that can be very dangerous for you. The installation process would be the same as discussed above.
Can I install motherboard drivers without CD?
Yes, you can install the motherboard drivers without the CD by following these steps. • Go to the Google • Type your motherboard model • Go to the official site and go to support • There you find all the software of your need. • Download and install the drivers and play the games.
Do drivers automatically install?
Yes, window 10 automatically installs the new drivers for your needs, but for that, you need to download and install them one time, as we have discussed in the article, and after that, you can roam freely, and your windows will automatically notify you about all the drivers of your need. It suits you if you are a gamer because mostly the gamers need new drivers and old drivers to be up to date.
Do you install motherboard drivers or OS first?
You have to install the OS first, and after that, you need to configure the motherboard drivers because if you don’t have the operating system in the computer, then how you are going to install the Motherboard drivers. The motherboard drivers are installed in the windows, so how can you even install them before windows.
Do I need to update my motherboard drivers?
It is your personal preference that if you want to update them or not if you don’t update them, they will not get the latest features that are added through the updates, but they will work fine though. If you don’t want to update your drivers, then disable the windows ten automatic updating drivers feature.


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