How to Install m.2 SSD in Laptop: [4 Simple Steps]

SSD is one of the best and universal things to improve the speed and performance of your laptop. It does not matter that you will upgrade your laptop or just want good performance; installing an SSD would do it for you.

Most people think that processors, video cards, and other things impact speed, but the most effective thing to use for slow speed is SSD. Now you might have bought the SSD but don’t know how to install it. Don’t worry. It is not hard, and we will show you the four simple ways to install the SSD on your laptop in just four simple steps.

But after reading our article, you can install your SSD and help other people around you who want to speed up their laptop. So, let’s dive into it.

Before Installation

It is not a very difficult task but to complete it, you need to do some things before you start the process, and we will tell you how you should prepare for the installation of the SSD.

  • The first thing that you would need for the installation is a screwdriver to open the laptop.
  • Secondly, an SSD suitable according to your computer(we’ll discuss it later)
  • The third thing you need is your laptop’s manual that comes with it.
  • Then we will recommend that before installation, you should take all your important data to some other drive or into the cloud storage, so the process doesn’t harm your data.
  • The last thing that you should know is that every laptop is different and might need another type of SSD so, it might change the SSD type, but the process would be the same.
  • If you have Windows 7, then drivers and support of NVMe SSD might not be available for you; in this case, you need to contact your laptop support and request him to add the support.



Now the real part begins for which you are here so, let’s dive into it.

  • Now turn off your laptop and take the power cable out of the switch.
  • Now when you have to take the power cable out, kindly remove your laptop’s battery, but only if it’s removable; otherwise, you can continue with it. You will find how to remove the battery in the manual that you bring here before the installation.
  • Now you need to press the power button for 5 to 10 seconds for more safety; it would drive all the laptop’s electricity out of it.
  • Now the thing that you are waiting for is the opening of your laptop. If this is your first time, then we will recommend you look at some of the videos on youtube on your laptop; this will give you an overview of how you can open it.
  • Remove the case very gently because you might damage your laptop.
  • Now you have gently opened the back of the laptop; you need to find the M.2 PCIe slot, which might not be a very difficult task if you have your laptop’s manual.
  • Now you need to insert the SSD into your laptop; this might be different in your laptop, but there is a screw on the one side in my laptop. Look at the notches of the SSD and the port and put it in the slot very gently. You don’t need to use your force here; the SSD will be in the 30° angle now; gently, press it down, and it will click and screw it if your laptop has it.
  • When you are screwing it, you should know that your SSD has a place on its corner, so put the screw there; otherwise, you will damage it.
  • Now you have installed the SSD, put back the battery and cover of your laptop.
  • Now put the power cable in the switch and turn on your laptop again.

After Installation

Now you have done the installation successfully; the most important part comes: copying the old data on this new SSD. It would be the longest part of the whole process of SSD installation. Let’s see how much time your data will take in the transfer process.

  • If your data is 1TB or under it, then you should wait for the  one hour to one and half hour
  • But if your data is more than 1 TB, then it would take more than 90 minutes.

How to copy Data

Now you have installed the SSD, but you are doing it the first time, and you don’t know how you can copy your data from the old drive to the SSD so, follow these steps.

How to copy Data

  • There are many cloning software in the market; you just need to download them. When I was doing it because I bought Crucial SSD, clone software is free, but you can use any other software; the process would be the same.
  • Now download that software from the website or their official store.
  • By clicking on the few simple prompts, you will get an install button now, click on it and install it.
  • Grab some snacks and see if the installation is complete or not.
  • When you have installed it, now open it, and you have a new window in front of you; click the clone disk option.
  • They will ask you how you want to copy the data or select the automatically and continue manually.
  • Now you have the source file, your old disk, and your destination’s new SSD.
  • Select the files from the source file and copy them into the destination files. It would take some time, according to your data.
  • Now you can have some snacks that you brought earlier.
  • Now when everything is copied, you need to make your new SSD primary drive of your laptop. It can be done by contacting your laptop’s brand customer service center or reading the owner’s manual.

Storage Executive

Now when you have installed the SSD and copied all your data to it, many people recommend downloading some storage executives because it is very helpful for increasing the speed and performance of your SSD. This software also helps you to monitor the performance of your SSD. If you don’t know how to use it, we will tell you this too.

  • Firstly you need to find this software and download it for free, and you can easily find it.
  • It would take 3 to 4 minutes to download the software.
  • Now install this software, and after installation, you need to save it on the desktop and then open it with a double click.
  • Now all the prompts would guide you on how you can use it.
  • Now click the menu and find the feature momentum cache. It is the feature that makes your SSD work ten times faster. When you enable it, it will restart your computer.
  • When you are downloading this software, you need to check your operating system first and then download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the software. If you don’t know which operating system your laptop is using, you can find it by following these steps.

Window 7 Users

  • Open your computer
  • Right-click and then go to the properties
  • Now you have your operating system in front of you.

Window 8 Users

  • Click on the search tool.
  • Type the “computer”
  • Right-click on it
  • Then navigate to the properties
  • You have your operating system in front of you.

Windows 10 users

Windows 10 users

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Type “this pc” don’t enter.
  • There is an option in front of your “This pc.”
  • Right-click on it
  • Then navigate into the properties.
  • You have your operating system type in front of you.


Many people were confused about installing the M2 SSD on the laptop and can’t find a good tutorial on the internet. So, we decided to write the step-by-step installation method for them and not only every step of how you can install the SSD.

But how can they copy data from their old drive to the new SSD with the help of the software and then we tell you about the free software that will increase the speed of your SSD ten times faster and give you the most premium performance?

If you have read this article carefully, you can easily install the SSD into your laptop without any problem. If this article helps you or you have any questions related to this topic, don’t forget to ask us in the comment section below; we will reply to you ASAP.


How do I know if my laptop supports m 2 SSD?
How do I know if my laptop supports my 2 SSD? If you want to know this, you need to open your laptop and look at your motherboard SSD slot. If the slot has a single space called notch, you can use the NVME and SATA M2 SSD, but if this is not, you can’t use the m2 SSD drive.
How do I install an m2 SSD on my laptop?
The installation of m 2 SSD in the laptop is not a hard task, and we have shown step by step that how can you do that and you just need to open the back of your laptop and put them 2 SSD in the slot of your motherboard for help you should have the instructions manual of laptop. It is how easily you can install the laptop.
How do I install an m2 SSD in an old laptop?
How do I install an m2 SSD in an old laptop? If you want to install the M2 SSD with your older laptop, you won’t find the port, so; the best way is to use the adaptor; there are many adaptors in the market that you can use. You need to fix the ms SSD into it, and then you will install it on your old laptop.
Can I put m2 SSD on my laptop?
Yes, of course, you can do it very easily if you have the laptop that has the m2 slot and how you are going to know it simply contact your laptop brand, or you can know by going onto the Crucial official website, and if your laptop has the slot you can install the M2 SSD.


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