Where to Find Old Computers for Free?

Not everyone can afford a high-end computer particularly if you are running a small business and can’t afford the heavy expense of computer and computer accessories. So, you will definitely look up some alternative or cheap options. There are many ways to buy a good computer for free or at a cheap rate.

Here I will tell you that how to get old computers for free. Yes, you have heard it right “for Free”.

Where to Find Old Computers for Free

Computer Recycling Centers

There are many organizations and recycling companies that repair or recycle old computer parts and accessories. But not every organization or recycling center sells or donates computers to people or other organizations.

They usually send these computers and accessories to other large recycling centers where these computers are turned into some other product or scrap.

Computer Recycling Centers

On the off chance that you are uncertain with respect to whether an association sells or gives PCs, call or email the association and get some information about the services they give.

In the e.mail try to be as brief as you can about your business. If you are a startup or give local area benefits, the association might be exceptionally open to giving you a free computer or offer you a discounted price.

Qualify for the Free Used Computers

A few associations give free used computers to eligible people and associations. By and large, eligibility criteria for these computers are very strict, and most revenue-driven organizations will not meet all requirements to get one.

For instance, you may just be a registered non-revenue driven business at the state level and also have tax-exempt status with the national government.

However, it will be beneficial for you if you investigate further their eligibility criteria.

In the event that you are a veteran or have an incapacity, you may fit the criteria for a free old PC paying little heed to how you intend to use this machine.

In the event that you are working a not-revenue driven business or a business that serves kids or a hindered populace, you may likewise have the option to meet all requirements for a PC.


Freecycle is a non-benefit association that helps individuals all throughout the world, keep things out of landfills by interfacing individuals who need to dispose of undesirable machinery with the individuals who can utilize them. Freecycle.org offers a free method to interface with individuals locally who may give you a PC that they at this point don’t utilize.

Free geek

Free geek

Free geek is also a non-benefit organization that sells repaired or old computers on eBay or from their site. They also donate this technology to eligible and deserving people. So, it’s also a good way to find a computer for free. This organization also produces technical accessories at low prices.

With Causes

With Causes is a non-profit organization that is known for helping deserving people. This company donates working and recycled computers to the people who are really in need of it.

You just simply have to fill out the form given on their website and make sure to briefly explain to them why you need it.

After receiving the form, the board of directors reviews your application, and then they will decide if you are eligible or not.

They will respond to you in 30 days if you are eligible and you will get a good working computer.

Computer with Cause

Computer with Cause is another non-profit organization that has an accomplice with Giving Away Charity. They provide the donated computers to the people who need them. They mainly give these computers to students and disabled people.

PCs for People

PCs for People is also a non-profit organization and if you are the one who has a very low income and can’t afford to buy the computer for their basic needs. You have to fill out the form and must be eligible to the given criteria to be able to get a free Computer and other low-cost services.

PCs for People

You also have to prove that you are enrolled in an income-based government assistance program and you can check further guidelines in this regard from their website.

Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse

AFTRR is a non-profit Christian Charity Organization that donates computers in the schools of the country. This organization is prominent in promoting recycled technology and its reuse.

The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation is a non-profit organization that is helping thousands of poor families and students who can’t afford computers. A student of Grade k-12, studying in a public school and living in US is eligible for the free computer system.

Cheap Computer Options

However, it is very difficult to find a cheap computer for your business or for studies yet the results will be worth it. You can also buy inexpensive accessories with these computers. Though these computers are not fit for gaming but they fit for daily office work. Thoughts for discovering used technical accessories and PCs are:

Repairing Centers

Most people who are related to the technology products also know its repairment centers. You can also exchange your PCs with them as they have many used computer systems and their accessories. They might be helpful for you in this regard.


Craigslist and advertisement can also be helpful for you. Try to frequently check postings to discover individuals who are selling their PCs. On the off chance that you live near a school, try harder in May, which is when graduate students either get new PCs as a reward or plan to move up to more professional machines for proficient use.

Business Sales

Business Sales

Some organizations not just sell stock at leeway costs when leaving the business, they likewise sell their office gear, including PCs. These deals are not generally declared on the web. Keep your eyes out for organizations with “Going out of business” signs in their windows.

PC fix shops

Businesses that fix computers in some cases sell PCs and their parts abandoned by clients who would not like to pay for essential fixes or neglected to get their hardware. It is also a very good option to buy a computer.

Social Media Accounts

Social media is a huge platform to take and provide services. You can simply post on these platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that you need a used computer that is in a good condition.

There are many people who want to get rid of their old computers and thinking to buy a new one. They might contact you and you can deal with them.


Getting something for free is really challenging task but I have brought some sites from where you will get the free computers for your needs. But make sure to scan these old computers before use.

So, Just jump on this opportunity and get yours.


Does anyone buy old computers?
Yes, anyone if eligible according to the rules and guidelines of the organization can buy these old computers either free or at a low cost.
Vintage computers worth anything?
Vintage computers are still very popular and worth buying if you are the one who likes to collect old and vintage things. In this way, these computers will worth it.


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