[Top 8] Expensive CPU Cases You Will Not Regret Buying

Picking the perfect CPU case is no easy task. There are so many things that have to be taken into consideration. One has to select a case that is protective so that the hardware remains safe. But at the same time, air flow and ventilation also have to be considered as it is extremely important for the CPU to remain cool and not end up overheating. 

Another aspect that users often tend to forget is the noise level. The purpose of a CPU case is not only to protect the hardware, but it can also play an integral role in keeping the noise low. And last but not least, how can one forget about the size of the CPU case. The case should fit the CPU perfectly and should neither be too tight nor too loose. 

Feeling overwhelmed already? Worry no more. We have come to help. If you too are in search of the perfect CPU case, here are our top eight picks that come highly recommended and will not let you down. 

Top Eight Most Expensive CPU Cases

1. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M E-ATX Full Tower:

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M E ATX Full Tower

RGB Lighting:

This CPU case will not only keep the CPU safe and protected but will also look phenomenal at any work station. There are two strips of RGB lights, one in either side of the case. The lights add a nice aesthetic element to the case and look especially great when lit up in a dark room. The lights also reflect against the aluminium body of the case, leading to an interesting Ghar effect. 

Connectivity Options:

The CPU case comes with a detailed input output connection panel. You will find a number of USB ports along the base that will allow the users to easily connect input output devices with the case. Users also have the freedom to control the fan speed and customize the RGB lights as desired. Both Type A as well as Type C USB ports are available with the CPU case. 


There is no doubt about the fact that rise is one of the most durable CPU cases that you will find in the market. Made out of aluminium along with tempered glass panels, the case will last for years to come. You will not have to worry about the case getting damaged easily. You can have the piece of mind that the case is fully capable of protecting your system from any type of damage or harm. 

  • Features a versatile and adaptable layout
  • Covers the CPU as well as the cables.
  • ARGB lighting system accentuates the look of the cover.
  • The plastic of the cover feels cheap and flimsy.


2. Antec Torque Black/Red Aluminium ATX Mid Tower Computer Case:

Antec Torque Black Red Aluminium ATX Mid Tower Computer Case


The structure of the CPU case is one of the most prominent features that you will surely notice. The Aluminium panel construction paired with the high precision cutting leads to a curved design that is quite aesthetic. This also improves the fit of the CPU Case as the panels sit closer to the CPU and offer optimal protection. 

Liquid Cooling Support:

Gamers and other users with extensive computer dependence are often worried about their CPU overheating. Thankfully this CPU cover comes with a liquid cooling support system. This means that you can easily install a liquid cooling system with this case without having to make any special arrangements. This means that when using this CPU case, you can keep your CPU both safe as well as cool. The case is compatible with the use of both fans as well as radiators.  


The inside of this CPU case is quite spacious. This means that the case is compatible with a wide range of hardware systems. You will find that this CPU case can be used with a wide range of motherboards and power supplies. This surely extends the usage and utility of the CPU case. USB ports are supported by the CPU case so that users can easily carry our file transfers even when the case is in use. 

  • Supports both fan as well as radiator based cooling systems.
  • Aesthetic as well as strong and durable CPU case.
  • Aluminium panel construction for a smoother and closer fit.
  • The edges of the panel are too sharp.


3. Antec Striker Aluminium And Steel ITX Computer Case:

Antec Striker Aluminium And Steel ITX Computer Case

Sturdy Structure:

This computer case is known for its sturdy structure. Made out of Alumium and steel, the case is strong and durable. The side panels of the CPU case are made out of tempered glass which is transparent so the insides of the system are visible. But the tempered glass is also shatter proof so the users don’t have to worry about the safety of their system. 

Open Frame Design:

Thanks to the open frame design of the CPU case, installing a cooling system for the CPU would not be an issue at all. You can use any pre-made water cooling system or even get one customized for your CPU. The architecture of the CPU case has been designed in a way that it can easily accommodate a wide range of cooling systems. You will not have to modify the cooling system in order to use it with this CPU case. Other than water based cooling systems, fan based cooling systems can also be supported by this CPU case. 

Perfect Size:

If you are sick of the CPU cases that are unable to fit your system properly, you should surely invest in this one. The spacious design of this case allows the CPU to fit in perfectly. The parts will not feel too loose inside the case nor will the case be too tight that the components barely fit inside. All in all, the sizing of the CPU case is perfect as it can easily accommodate a CPU while ensuring the best fit in terms of size. 

  • Spacious design fits the CPU perfectly
  • Strong and sturdy construction for guaranteed protection
  • Open frame design for the best look overall.
  • Comes with a PCI-E-3 Riser Cable which might cause issue with some card installations.


4. Thermaltake AH T600 Open Frame Tower Case:

Thermaltake AH T600 Open Frame Tower Case

Helicopter Style:

Featuring a helicopter open frame design, this CPU case is both aesthetic as well as practical. Two glass panels run along both sides of the case which allow the users to see through it. Moreover, the open frame of the case easily accommodates CPUs and supports a wide range of motherboards and processor. This way, the chassis of the case is compatible with a range of CPU models and builds which enhances the utility of the CPU case. 


Configuring this case and putting it together is extremely simple and convenient. You can easily dismantle the case and strip it down to the simplest components. And the modular design of the case means that it does not have a fixed structure and the users can easily change the orientation of the case and install different elements as required. The PCI-E slots also facilitate card installations and allow users to install their graphics cards both vertically as well as horizontally. 

Air Flow: 

The open frame design of the case allows for proper air flow which means that you will not have to worry about the CPU overheating. The design ensures that the internal temperature of the case always remains low so that heat is dissipated and moved away from the frame. You will never have to worry about the CPU overheating or getting damaged due to heat when you are using this CPU case. 

  • Open frame design for optimal and uniform air flow.
  • Can be dismantled and installed easily.
  • Compatible with a range of motherboards and processor designs
  • The case is a bit too heavy.


5. Azza CSAZ-804V Pyramid Innovative PC Case:

Azza CSAZ 804V Pyramid Innovative PC Case

Pyramid Shape:

The first thing that you will notice about this case, as soon as you lay your eyes on it is the unique pyramid-like shape. All four faces of the pyramid feature a tempered glass construction which means that the build of the CPU is visible from all sides. There is ample room at the base of the case whereas the top is designed at a narrow angle which also makes the design of the case efficient in terms of space. 

Cooling System:

A 120mm digital Hurricane II fan is incorporated in the case. This means that the users do not need to put in additional effort and install a cooling system separately when buying this CPU case. The fan itself is enough to ensure proper airflow and maintain a low temperature within the CPU case. Plus it is an RGB fan whose colors are customisable so you can easily switch them and play with the patterns to add a cool look to the CPU case. But if the users still wish to use a radiator for cooling, they can install one of size up to 360mm at the base of the CPU case. 


This CPU case is compatible with a range of cards and motherboards. You can easily use 300mm long video cards with this case. Moreover, ATX and Micro ATX and Micro ITX motherboards are also compatible with this CPU case. Users are also free to install the graphics card in either vertical or horizontal layout when using this CPU case. To summarise, the case is compatible and supports a range of motherboards, processors and graphics cards. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing and space efficient pyramid shaped design.
  • Built in digital cooling fan.
  • Extensive compatibility and support for extended use.
  • There is not enough room for custom extension cables.


6. AZZA CSAZ-802F Cube Case With Lights:

AZZA CSAZ 802F Cube Case With Lights

Construction and Design:

Made out of tempered glass, there is no doubt about the fact that this case is one of the most durable and sturdy CPU cases that you will find in the market. The cube shaped design is also an interesting element. It is visually appealing and the RGB lighting further accentuates it’s beauty and makes it extremely attractive. 

Dual Chamber Design:

Unlike other CPU cases which feature a sine chamber design, this CPU case comes with a dual chamber design. The two separate chambers allow users to organize their components properly. You can choose to have the power supply in one chamber while keeping the graphics card separate in another one. This also allows for better heat dissipation so that the sensitive components do not get damaged due to excessive heat and the components are also organized and separated for ease. 

Cooling System:

Users are free to make use of a fan based or radiator based cooling system when using this CPU case. You can easily install the cooling system to ensure that your CPU remains cool and heat does not end up building up inside of the case and is taken away from the case, ensuring that the components remain safe from any type of heat damage. 

  • Can use both fans as well as radiators for cooling.
  • High quality tempered glass construction for durability and protection.
  • RGB lit fans make the case aesthetically pleasing
  • The quality of the fans can be improved.


7. Cougar Conquer 2 All New Gaming Full Tower Case:

Cougar Conquer 2 All New Gaming Full Tower Case

Detachable Chassis:

The Cougar Conquer 2 CPU Case comes with a detachable chassis. This means that putting together and installing the CPU case is quite simple. The sub chassis can be removed or attached to the case as desired. This means that you can easily change the design of the case and manage the space of the case in an efficient manner. 

Metallic Frames:

The frame of the CPU case is made out of metal. The metallic frame of the case is sleek and stylish yet durable. The frame features clean cuts that accentuate its structure. Moreover, the choice of metal is an ideal solution since it is durable and strong. Therefore, the users can be a hundred percent certain that their CPU is safe inside the case and the case too will not get damaged easily. 

RGB Lighting:

RGB lights have been incorporated in the design of the CPU case. The RGB lights are customizable which means that you can easily switch between different colors. They are bright and give the case an amazing look, especially when switched ON in a dark or dimly lit area. 

  • Bright, customizable and synchronised RGB lights.
  • Metallic frames for durability and support
  • Removable chassis for efficient space utilization.
  • Lacks an opening at the base for the header


8. In Win Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube ATX Case:

In Win Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube ATX Case


The unique and innovative design of the case is both attractive as well as practical. Made out of aluminium, the case is strong yet lightweight. It features an open-air design which supports ventilation and allows air flow so that the CPU does not heat up. It is also quite simple to put together and assemble which means that you will not have to struggle to figure out how the case needs to be installed and configured. 

Cable Management:

Users often complain that the cables of their CPU components are left hanging outside or end up tangled with one another. It will not be the case when you use this CPU case. The cable management system of this case ensures that the cables do not end up tangled with one another and can be organised so that they do not get damaged and the risk of short circuiting can also be eliminated entirely. The cable management also gives the case an overall neat and tidy look. There is also a special mount for the graphics card that allows users to install cards of up to 330mm long in the CPU case easily. You can also add a 160mm cooler to the frame if needed. 

Cooling System:

The frame of the case is open which means that there is ample room for air flow inside the CPU case. But if you further want to install a cooling system in the case, you can easily do so since the case does support a 120mm fan. Other than a fan, a radiator of the same dimension can also be added to the frame to keep the CPU cool and maintain an optimal temperature. 

  • Compatible with both fan as well as radiator based cooling system
  • Special GPU mount that can accomodate a card upto 330mm in length
  • Cable management system for protecting and organising the cables.
  • The rubber feet of the case strips off after a while.



Investing in a CPU case is extremely important. It will ensure that your CPU remains safe and protected. The CPU case should be strong, sturdy and spacious so that it can easily accommodate a CPU. 

There are plenty of CPU cases in the market. But rather than picking a poor quality case, it is best to do some research and pick a case that is truly worth it. We went ahead and compiled a list of the top CPU cases in the market that will not let you down. 


Are mesh cases better?
Yes. Mesh cases are better because they have a better ventilation system. This means that the chances of the CPU overheating when using a mesh case are significantly lower as compared to when using a closed CPU case.
How many fans do you need in a PC?
It is recommended that you make use of at least three fans with a PC. Three fans may seem to be a lot but in reality, they will dissipate the heat uniformly and ensure that your PC does not overheat and heat damage can be prevented at all costs.

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