Best LGA 1151 Motherboard – The Top Picks In 2021

If we say that the motherboard is the backbone for any computer, we won’t be exaggerating. After all, a motherboard has an integral role to play in the performance of a CPU. Therefore, if you truly want to ensure optimal performance with a faster speed and response rate, it is best you invest in a motherboard that can deliver nothing but the best.

Although there is a huge variety of motherboards in the market, the LGA 1151 variation is surely the talk of the town. Offering optimal performance and processing power, it is surely a great addition for any computer that will boost efficiency. You will notice a significant difference in the performance of your computer before and after the installation of an LGA 1151 Motherboard.

Due to the significance and role of a motherboard in a computer, it is important to pick a variation that is truly worth the hype and the money spent on it. To help you make the right choice and pick the best possible product, we went on a market survey and picked some of the best and most recommended LGA motherboard options. These products were then tested thoroughly and this review was compiled. The aim of this article is to present you with the top five LGA motherboard options that are totally worth the hype and you will not regret buying them. So, let’s dive right in.

Top Five LGA 1151 Motherboards

1.  ASUS Z170-A ATX DDR4 Motherboards

ASUS Z170-A ATX DDR4 MotherboardsOptimized Processor

The processors make use of a five-way optimization algorithm that ensures that the motherboard can always deliver its best. The optimized performance of the motherboard will always keep the computer running in the most efficient manner possible. You will be able to multitask, run several programs and do whatever you wish to do with your PC while being a hundred percent certain that the motherboard is delivering the best possible performance.


The motherboard comes equipped with the best of the best components. From the chips to the case the overall construction of the motherboard is nothing but phenomenal. If you are looking to invest in a motherboard that you will end up using for years, the ASUS Z170-A would surely be an ideal choice. The Q-Design pattern further enhances the build and the overall structure of the motherboard and pushes its durability even further.

Easy Installation

The installation of this motherboard is quite simple and straightforward. The package comes with everything that users need to install this motherboard on their computer. Other than the motherboard, you will also find three SATA cables, a CPU installation tool, a 2-way SLI bridge, screw packets, and a Q-Connector in the parcel. A support DVD is also provided which can help you install the motherboard by breaking down the process into a series of simple steps that are extremely simple and can easily be followed along.

  • Easy installation thanks to the support DVD and user manual
  • Comes with everything that you need to install the motherboard
  • Durable and optimized motherboard for powerful performance.
  • The motherboard tends to hang and crash at times.


2.  GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A LGA1151 Intel H110 Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard

GIGABYTE GA-H110M-A LGA1151 Intel H110 Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard Compatibility

This motherboard is compatible with both i6 as well as i7 intel processors. Therefore, you can buy this motherboard with the peace of mind that it will be compatible with a wide range of computers and desktops since most of them do run on either a sixth or a seventh-generation core. The installation and configuration of the motherboard is not an issue at all and the extended compatibility further enhances its usability.


Users are guaranteed speed and reliability when using this motherboard. The Speed Internet Accelerator Software boosts the performance of the motherboard to ensure that the users always have their systems running in an optimized and quick manner. Your programs will load faster and commands will be executed at a rapid rate when you start using this motherboard with your computer. The Dual Channels of the motherboard further accentuate its performance and turn it up a notch.

Noise Guard

People often complain that their computer’s motherboard makes an irritating whirring sound especially when they are trying to run something heavy on it. You will never have to complain about this issue when using this motherboard as it comes with a nose guard. The motherboard is so quiet that you will barely notice that you have a system running. This means that you can work in peace without any mechanical sound bothering you in the background. All in all, the motherboard has a clean design that is easy to configure and even easier to use.

  • Clean, easy to use design and structure
  • Compatible with both sixth as well as seventh-generation processors
  • Noise guards prevent the irritating whirring noise
  • The motherboard barely clears the RAM slots.


3.  MSI Enthusiast Gaming Intel Z170A LGA 1151 DDR4 ATX Motherboard

MSI Enthusiast Gaming Intel Z170A LGA 1151 DDR4 ATX MotherboardLatest Processors

Equipped with the latest processors, it is an undeniable fact that your computer will experience a huge performance boost and jump when you start using this motherboard. The motherboard is extremely powerful therefore, you will notice that it gets the job done within no time. The performance and speed of this motherboard make it a popular choice amongst gamers as it has the ability to take the load of running heavy programs while ensuring that the performance of the computer remains smooth and consistent.

Connectivity Ports

This motherboard comes with a number of connectivity port options. You will find one USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A port, one USB 3.1 Gen1, and a total of six USB 2.0 ports in this motherboard. Therefore, one thing is for sure, you will not face any issue with connectivity when you start using this motherboard. The multiple connectivity options allow users to customize the usage of the motherboard and fulfill their requirements properly.

Overclocking Potential

The overclocking potential of this motherboard is nothing but impressive. The potential fully supports multitasking and gaming. Therefore, you will be able to utilize the power of the motherboard to the max. The overclocking adjusts itself according to the usage and therefore, the users can be a hundred percent certain that their computer’s performance is always optimized. You do not have to struggle with running programs or face any issues when it comes to the speed or the responsiveness of your computer when you install the MSI Enthusiast motherboard in it.

  • Great layout and architecture
  • MSI Utility software makes configuration and customization simpler
  • Stable overclocking potential for visible performance boost
  • RGB lighting offers minimum options.


4.  GIGABYTE GA-B250N Phoenix WiFi LGA Intel Motherboard

GIGABYTE GA-B250N Phoenix WiFi LGA Intel MotherboardSmart Fan

Due to the higher processing responsibility, it is common for motherboards to overheat every now and then. The overheating not only impacts the performance of the motherboard but can also leave an impact on its durability. To tackle this issue, this motherboard comes with a smart fan layout. The fan keeps the motherboard cool and prevents overheating. But at the same time, it operates quietly so that the users do not have to deal with the loud sound of the fan running in the background when they are using their computers.

Intel Accelerator Software

Although the performance of the motherboard is already optimized, users do have the option of tweaking the metrics to ensure that the motherboard is running as required. This can be done via the Intel Accelerator Software. The software is clean and crisp therefore, you will not face any trouble when you use it to customize the performance of your motherboard. You can use it to adjust the clocking and frequencies according to the task at hand or your personal preferences so that the motherboard can deliver powerful performance and boost the efficiency of your system.

Faster Storage

Fetching data can take a lot of time. This can be extremely irritating at times. If you are someone who works with heavy programs or is a fan of gaming, you would like to invest in a motherboard that can easily fetch data in the shortest amount of time. The GIGABYTE GA-B250N motherboard offers the users a faster storage option. The motherboard will be able to fetch data within seconds which means a lesser waiting time for the users and a faster file loading and execution time for programs.

  • Faster storage performance for quick data loading
  • An ideal choice for gaming
  • Anti sulfur resistant construction for durability
  • Features only 3 PCIe slots




This motherboard comes with both USB type A as well as USB type C ports. Therefore, the users have the freedom to choose between different connectivity options and can easily go ahead and use the motherboard. Both USB connections are features on board and are part of the design of the motherboard.

Lighting Control

This motherboard would be an excellent choice for people who have an open PC. Featuring RGB lights, this motherboard also allows users to take control over the lighting of the motherboard. This means that you will be able to customize the lights of the motherboard as needed. The respective software can be used to change the lights and also adjust their patterns depending on your mood and preference.


This motherboard comes with a five-way optimization mechanism. The optimization of the motherboard ensures that the users have their system running in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The auto-tuning feature of the motherboard always adjusts the performance metrics as desired so that the users can have a flawless, lag-free, and efficient experience. You can further change the metrics and play around with the settings using the Turbo app so that the performance of the motherboard can be customized to meet your needs in the best manner possible.

  • Supreme audio quality
  • Five-way optimization for powerful and reliable performance
  • No lag and speedy gaming experience.
  • The power plug of the motherboard bends quite easily.



If you are looking for a way to boost the performance of your computer, try and find a motherboard that can amplify the speed of your system. Finding a motherboard is not a tedious task. One search, and you will come across a handful of options. But it is finding the right and perfect motherboard that can be a hassle.

When planning to buy a motherboard, users have to be vigilant and pick a motherboard that can truly meet their expectations and do them justice. When buying a motherboard, you should never make the mistake of picking the first motherboard that you come across. Rather, the decision of which motherboard to buy should be based on ample research.

We have shared our top five LGA 1151 motherboard picks through this article. Each of the motherboards recommended has been tested to determine whether it is worth recommending or not. Therefore, you can be a hundred percent certain that any motherboard you pick from this review will not let you down.


What are the common problems of motherboards?
The problems of motherboards are quite similar to those of a CPU. Some of the issues that you may face include error messages, system locks, or screen blanking. But if you invest in a reliable and durable motherboard, you will not have to worry about such issues as it will boost the performance of your computer and cause significant differences. It all comes down to making the right choice when selecting a motherboard.
What should I consider when buying a motherboard?
There are several things that should be taken into account when buying a motherboard but some of the factors that should surely be considered include the form factor of the motherboard, processor socket, PCI slots, compatibility, and the performance metrics. You should compare the specifications of the motherboard with your needs to determine whether the motherboard you are considering would be able to meet your requirements or not and then make a decision.
What causes a motherboard to fail?
The most common causes of a motherboard failing include physical damage or fluctuation in the electricity supply. Another common mistake that can lead to a damaged motherboard is not cleaning it properly. The accumulation of dust on a motherboard can cause lagging and eventually even damage the motherboard for good. Therefore, it is important that you install the motherboard correctly and also examine it from time to time to eradicate any factor that may cause your motherboard to fail or get damaged.
What is the lifespan of a motherboard?
There is no definitive answer to this question. The lifespan of a motherboard depends on a number of different factors. The brand of the motherboard, utility and usage, functionality and most importantly how it is being maintained are some of the factors that can either increase or reduce the lifespan of a motherboard. Generally, you can expect a motherboard to last for three to four years. But if you are vigilant and careful when using the motherboard, the lifespan of a motherboard can also be extended to up to eight to ten years.


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