Avadirect Custom Gaming Pc Review In 2021

Gaming is one of the most popular industries nowadays; that’s why all the computer brands are trying to build their gaming pc and make their way into the gaming industry.

There is a very popular technology company called Avadirect, and they have many international big companies as their clients like Nasa, Boeing, and Aerospace.

But now they are trying to jump into the gaming industry, and if you see on their youtube channel, you’ll see that most of the videos are about the gaming pc and its specs.

Their custom gaming pc has the 2.66GHZ Intel core i7 920, with an over-clocking rate of 3.66 GHz. After testing the system, we concluded that this gaming pc by Avadirect is quite awesome at a reasonable price but let’s review it more deeply, so you will know that is it worth buying or not?



It is one of the most customizable pc in the gaming world; it gives you hundreds of options in the motherboards, graphic cards, and even in their cases. They have more than 100 gaming pc case designs that suit all the gaming pc shopper’s imaginations.

They have different prices of cases like you can get a case for the 500$ and you can also get the pc case in the 2500$ so, it up to your choice that how expensive do you want to buy and what is your budget.

You might shop this customizable gaming pc if you have some gaming pc knowledge because that will make sure that your combination of components is right. According to Avadirect, they have many clients who order the wrong combination of components so, they talk to them and make sure the right components reach their door.

If we compare the design of the Ava direct with the other gaming pc, they have a quite good lead on the other gaming pc because of their many options that are quite good and Awsome.



If we see the features of this Avadirect gaming pc, you will see that this is the gaming pc with one of the best overclocking capacity; it has a top-notch cooling system perfect for high-end gaming.

And by just looking at these features of this gaming pc, you can say that this customizable pc is made by one of the best technical experts in the gaming industry.

We have analyzed the USB mounting ports; the audio ports are all expertly made and very convenient for the person even if he uses these things for the first time.

All the cables in the gaming pc are perfectly managed behind the drives, so they don’t create a mess with the case, and everything gives a clean and prominent look. The blue color light in the pc case shows the temperature of pc and the fan’s speed.

The motherboard Intel X58 with the 2.88 GHz Intel Core i7-920 chip processor with an over-clocking speed of 3.88 is 50% more clocking. It allows you to do high-end graphic tasks with fast lightning speed. When we talk about memory, it has the 6GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SD RAM, and you can use the 1GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 295, which is perfect for all kinds of gaming tasks as well as other graphic works.

If we compare these specifications from all other competitors of this range, then the Avadirect customize gaming pc has a clear winning position. The only bad thing about this is that it is a little bit more expensive than the other gaming pc, but if you eliminate the blue-ray drive, which in our view is not very important, you can save 250%$ on your gaming pc shopping.



There were many systems in the market previously giving the over-clocking boost of 3 GHz or the 3.2 GHz, but Avadirect outnumbered them by giving the over-clocking speed of 3.88 GHz. We decided to test the system with one of the best hardcore software, prime 95. It pushes the system to its limit, and mostly the average system collapse in the testing.

We decided that to run the prime95 for straight 24 hours, and we were shocked to see that it runs smoothly without crashing even once; that is great for the Intel core i7. We conducted various tests to test the stability of the thermal and overclocking of the system, but it passes all the tests and become the new number one custom gaming pc.

Some other tests were conducted to determine the system’s efficiency compared to the other pcs in the market. First, we consider the Apple encoding test, and the other participants were Maingear X-Cube, Velocity Micro Edge Z55, and Falcon Northwest FragBox 2. In this test, the Avadirect custom pc gives the best performance with 90 seconds; the others were 106,116, and 117, respectively.

Then we conduct the image-processing test in the Adobe Photoshop CS3. In this test, the Avadirect pc takes 60 seconds to process the image, while the Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 takes 75, and the Velocity Micro Edge Z55 takes 79 seconds to process.

As this is the gaming pc, we decided to test some high-end games on this pc that pushes the limits of your pc and selected two games for this task; one game was Crysis, and the other was Far Cry.

The first game we start to play in the Far Cry on two resolutions, 1,920×1200 and 1440×900. In this competition, three gaming pc involved Maingear X-Cube, Falcon Northwest FragBox 2, and Avadirect gaming pc.

In this competition, the winner is Falcon Northwest FragBox 2 with 111 and 123 frames per second while the Avadirect is second 90 and 113 frames per second, and the last was Maingear X-Cube with 89 and 77 frames per second.

Then we play the Crysis on the above three gaming pc on the resolution of 1,600×1200 and 1,280×1024; in this gaming test, the Avadirect is the clear winner with the 55 and 83 frames per second.

In the gaming scenario, we can say that this system is not the best, but it is quite good compare to the other gaming pc in the market and especially in this price range. It has eight ports that are perfect for a modern gaming pc, but the one bad thing about this system is that it doesn’t have a wifi system, but you have the choice to choose it for some extra bucks.

Customer service and warranty

Customer service and warranty

There are many bad things about the support service of Avadirect, and there are many online reviews that say that they have a very horrible customer service, but we know that all written on the web is not true every time, and we should test it.

The best thing is that my two friends bought the Avadirect gaming pc last year. So, I decided to ask them that how was there experience with the support team of Avadirect. I was shocked to know that one of my friends was very happy with their customer support while the other said they have very horrible customer support.

I concluded that every person has a different search query, and then according to them, they have a good or bad experience. The friend who said he has a very bad experience has issues with his pc so he experiences issues in the return policy that I have heard before that they have a very hard return policy.

There was a research report that states that most of the time, the support system of the gaming industry is very bad, but that is not justifying the support system of the gaming industry companies, but they need to improve their support systems.

They are also giving the three-year warranty on their gaming pc while their other competitors are giving the warranty for one year so, they are ahead of them.

But if we have to rate the warranty and support of the gaming c and laptop, then we can say then with better customer support than the other competing brands and three years warranty so we’ll give it the 3.5 stars in the warranty supports. It is a very good rating for the support of the gaming industry.


If you are tech-savvy and want a high over-clocking pc for gaming, this is the best brand to go for the custom gaming pc. It has an over-clocking of 3.88 GHz, which is quite impressive, and if we see its competitors, they have 3 and 3.2 GHz over-clocking speed. Most of the high-end games that push your system run perfectly on this pc and high-end graphic tasks can also be performed smoothly with this pc.

The support and warranty of this brand are also quite good so, you can say that it is one of the best brands. It gives a three-year warranty to its customers, which is also better than other gaming companies in the market.


Where is AVADirect?
The AVADirect is an American brand like all other big computer giant companies of the world. The headquarters of AVADirect is situated in Twinsburg, Ohio. It is one of the best companies in the designing and production of custom computers. They have many big brands as their clients like NASA, Boeing, and Aerospace.
Is Xidax a good brand?
It is a South Jordan-based brand. If we see the overall ratings of the Xidax brand, then it is rated 2.4, which is not quite good, and most of the reviews of this brand are of not satisfied customers so, we can say this is not a good brand.
Who is the best custom PC builder?
The best custom pc builder is the AVAdirect which is an Ohio-based American brand. The second best company of the custom pc builder is CyberPowerPC, an American company, and the third-best company is the Falcon Northwest. These are the top three best custom pc builder companies.
Are prebuilt PCs that bad?
yes, According to our experience, the prebuilt PCs are very bad, and you cannot compare them with the custom build pc. Most people buy those PCs because they are cheap. But if the price does not matter for you and you want to buy the best gaming pc, then go for the custom-built pcs they are way better than the prebuilt PC’s.


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