Atx Mid Tower vs Full Tower: Complete Comparison

PC cases are not the cases that just hold up your computer’s hardware. The type of PC cases you prefer to choose to make a huge difference to the management and performance of your computer. If you prefer buying an already built PC, then you do not have to worry about what your considerations should be regarding the PC cases.

But, if you plan to build a computer according to your personal workload and your own requirements, then you would definitely need to know which PC would suit you best and so, you need to know what difference does a Mid or Full tower make.

In case you want to build up your own computer, you should have knowledge about a few things regarding the PC Cases. First of all, you should keep in mind the size of your motherboard, how much support of water-cooling system would be effective for your PC, what measures would you take to reduce the output noise, the management of the cables and even the intensity of LEDs that you would require.

And after all these considerations, of course, you have to keep in mind your own budget and the cost as well that your required PC Case would demand.

In this very article, we will help you know about the Mid Tower and Full-Tower Cases.

Mid Tower vs Full Tower – The Differences


The dimensions might vary from brand to brand. The Mid Towers are almost 18 inches high and 7.5 inches wide. While the Full Tower cases on average are 20 to 22 inches high. A few of them are also around 24 inches high and 8 inches wide. Some of them may also be called the “Super Towers” because of their huge size.

Niches serving:

One of the major differences between the two is the niches they serve. Mid Tower PCs are usually for the people who are more into Gaming and workstations. In simpler words, they are mainly for standard Gaming purposes and workstations.

While on the other hand, the Full Tower cases are for the people who demand strong CPUs with powerful processing. People who have a greater workload would prefer the heavy-duty CPUs and so, a Full power case would be suitable for them.

Cooling systems:

In the case of Full-Tower, there is huge space to fit in the smaller and larger fans which makes the airflow much easier due to the larger room available. So even when the CPU is overclocked, the temperature can still be maintained at safe levels and high speed can be achieved.

While for the Mid towers, the cooling system is not as great as that of the Full towers because of the smaller size and the lesser available space for the airflow, but still, mid towers have great cooling systems.

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Talking about the space or storage of a Full Tower PC, there is enough space to fit in an XL-ATX or an E-ATX Motherboard. Also, more than one hard drive or you can say a lot of hard drives can be accommodated as well, along with many Graphics cards or Video cards.

In the case of Mid Towers, they too have a lot of storage but a little less than that of Full Tower cases. They have enough spared room for a closed-loop CPU cooler, space for airflow, and a huge space for a lot of graphics cards as well.

Mid Tower Pros And Cons:

  • A great balance between its size and performance
  • Neither too small nor very large
  • Can be fitted perfectly in a small space
  • Easy to move around
  • Not very heavy
  • Does not demand a huge empty space
  • 2 GPUs help the gamers to play games smoothly
  • 6 or more PSL-E slots
  • Very convenient for playing modern games
  • Has an active airflow
  • Manages to cool effectively
  • To find and fix an issue might be difficult
  • Placement of cables is congested because of small space
  • The temperature might reach 90 degrees
  • Less space for the water-cooling system
  • Systems heat up
  • Components, sometimes need to be removed in order to reach another component.


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Full Tower Pros And Cons:

  • Better cooling systems
  • Goes with almost all the sizes of motherboards
  • Large room available for larger and smaller fans
  • Great speed management
  • A lot of space for the airflow
  • Safely maintained temperature levels
  • Easy management of cables
  • Space for a huge amount of hard drives
  • Adequate space for drive bays
  • Easier to find and fix the issues
  • Enough space for plenty of video cards
  • Liquid cooling can be easily incorporated
  • Quite heavy
  • Difficult to move your computer because of its large size
  • The huge size requires a lot of space to fit in
  • Pretty much expensive
  • A little less convenient


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What to look for when you’re buying a power case

Here are a few things that you need to look for while you’re buying a power case. Let us take a look.

  1. Drive Slots: You would definitely need some Drive slots to fit in your drives. In order to store your data, files, programs, games, and all that you like to keep, you would require some drives. So, while you’re buying a power case, always make sure that the number of drives you need will fit into your drive slots.
  2. USB Ports: Everything that you might not be able to transfer through Bluetooth, would require a USB to be transferred and so, having a USB port is so important. Make sure that the USB Port is there while you’re buying the product.
  3. Cooling system: You should know that if you have heavy tasks to do, you will have to deal with the heating up of the system. You will require a good Cooling system and enough space for the airflow. This will provide you easy ventilation which would prevent your system from overheating.
  4. Material: To choose the right material is very important. Make sure you avoid buying a power case that’s entirely made of tempered glass. The one made of tempered glass might get scratches very easily and it gets smudges as well. Moreover, it’s way too much expensive and would break into pieces if mistakenly fallen down.

Mid Tower Case – Our Top Pick

Mid Tower Case – Our Top PickLian Li Lancool II Mesh

As the name introduces itself, the Lancool Tower case has a shape of a Mesh and it has a unique “Honeycomb” design.

The best part about this particular Mid power case is that it comes with two fans which makes it cooling and ventilation even more powerful.


  1. The Mis Power case “Lian Li Lancool” supports a total of three fans. One rear and two front fans.
  2. Lian Li is known to be the best brand in the market today. It offers undoubtfully amazing quality and price of its products.
  3. The fan system is super-efficient and smart.

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Lian Li Lancool has an excellent performance. Two front and one rear fan provide an amazing cooling system and prevent the system from overheating and it runs at peak performance. The placement of cables is done in a well-managed way which reduces the chance of issues in them.

  • Unique and premium look
  • Easy cable management
  • Large space for airflow and disks
  • Has two front fans and one rear fan
  • Great performance
  • Has Magnetic dust fillers
  • Fan hub might have issues


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Full Tower Case – Our Top Pick

Full Tower Case – Our Top PickDark Base Pro 900. Be Quite:

The Dark Base Pro 900 Full Tower case is one of the highest-rated Full Tower in the market today. It was manufactured by a German Engineer. Its aesthetic angle gives it an elegant and attractive look.

As the name points, “Be Quite” is written on the front of this very Full Tower case. It not just written, but the case manages it too. It’s a decent and quiet power case.


  1. The Full Tower case, “Dark Base Pro 900” is available in steel, plastic, and tempered glass. So, the buyer has quite a few options to choose from, depending on his/her requirements.
  2. Its cooling system is amazing as well. It has top and rear ventilation which maintains its temperature and prevents it from getting overheated.
  3. It has 4 USB Ports. Even if one of the ports stops working, you have 3 others to continue using.
  4. The Dark Base Pro 900 has 4 drive slots as well which means you can use 4 drives to save your files, programs, and games.
  5. It has a great sound system as well. There are a front mic and speaker ports as well.


As the “Be Quite” logo indicates, the Dark Base Pro is super quiet in running. It is not noisy at all and offers excellent performance. The sound system is neither too loud, nor too soft. It’s just a perfect balance.

  • Decently quite
  • Fast performance
  • Not very expensive
  • Sleek design
  • Attractive black color
  • Heavy in weight
  • Difficult to move around
  • No front ventilation. Only rear and top ventilation.


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Summing It Up

At the end of the day, it does not really matter whether you use your computer at home or in your office. The most important thing to look for while you’re trying to choose the best one according to your requirements is to know about the usage and benefits of each of them.

We would recommend that you should go for the one which will have enough space for all the hardware and applications that you plan to install and use. The one which will have enough drive space to store all your data, programs, and files safely. And obviously, the one which will provide a great cooling system and hence, will prevent your system from getting heated up.

We have tried our best to help you make a comparison between the Mid Tower and Full Tower case if that is what you’ve been confused about. We hope that after reading this article, you would now able to decide which one should be your preference according to your workload, requirements, and budget.


Should I go for Mid Tower or the Full Tower?
Well, this totally depends on your work requirements and budget. Mid Tower cases are best for people who are more into playing games or standard workstations. While those with a heavy workload and bigger work-related tasks and projects should go for the Full Tower case so that they won’t have to replace their PC in the near time.
Which Tower case is more preferred for gaming?
An ATX Mid Tower case would be a great choice for gaming purposes. You just have to make sure that if u get a CPU fan, it fits in.
What is the difference between Mid Tower and Full Tower?
Mid Tower cases are smaller in size and light in weight. They have smaller motherboards and a lesser number of fans. Due to their small size, they have lesser expansion slots and congested management of cables. Full Tower cases are heavy and bigger in size. They have a huge room for airflow and drives. They have easy management of cables.
When to buy a Mid Tower and Full Tower case?
If your preference is a smaller motherboard and you have small space available, and you’re also trying to manage your budget, then you may buy a Mid Tower. Else, if you require a lot of disk space and a large motherboard and you have a great workload, then you may buy a Full Tower case.
What are the types of Full Tower case?
There are three different types of Full Tower cases. 1. Standard Tower: They are the most common ones available in the market. They are tall and rectangular in shape. 2. Flat Case: They are a little less common as compared to the Standard towers. They are short in size and are not very practical. 3. Cubes: Some of the Full Tower cases have a cubed shape which is similar to some tablets as well.


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