Acer H236HL Gaming LCD Monitor – [Review In 2021]

With the development of the market, the traditional media has somehow failed to meet people’s requirements. With the ever-growing technology, the trend of big screens is something more demanded and in fashion as well.

These LCDs are not only used in the advertising industries, but they are also used for Broadcast Events, Time and Scoring, and very much for Gaming as well. It’s an old thing now to say that Gaming was a hobby or passion because it is now much more than that. Gaming has become a huge business worldwide.

You must have seen the billboards across the cities. Yes, those video-graphical billboards are also the LCD displays. The greatly in-built brightness of the LCD displays makes them very effective for outdoor use as well. Their graphics are just as exactly visible in the sun as they are indoors.

About Acer H236HL LCD Monitor

Acer H6 series 23 inches wide has 1920 x 1080 resolution which provides excellent details and graphics. It has advanced Plane Switching Technology that helps you not to worry about light reflections or unclear graphics from an inclined angle.

The Plane Switching Technology provides you an amazing and water-clear image from any viewing angle, along with a premium color performance.

Moreover, the Acer H236HL LCD Monitor has VGA, HDMI, and DVI inputs as well. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to watch things or play games on smaller screens when you have an even better option. So, you can easily connect your smartphones or tablets and enjoy the full HD display with amazing colors and graphics.

Acer H236HL being an ideal screen for your lounge or the bedroom, is surely an ideal monitor for Gamers as well. In gaming, it’s not only the big screen that matters but also the sound quality and graphics have to be extraordinary to completely enjoy the gaming period.

And Acer H236HL provides all these things within one screen. Its Graphics, Sound Quality, Big Display, and Plane Switching Technology make it perfect for Gaming, HD Productive, and Multimedia applications.


The Acer H236HL has some amazing features, that you would love to hear about.

Boundary-Free Visuals

  • The IPS display makes every detail of the screen very clear and mesmerizing. You would see no color difference from any angle you view the screen.
  • It also has is a brushed hairline finish stand. It is suitable for any environment that you choose and also has a magnetic paperclip base.
  • It provides detailed imagery for viewing the photos, playing games, browsing the web. And all this too, with full HD resolution and a superior 100 million: 1 contrast ratio.

Rapid Response Time

  • Acer H236HL has a very rapid response time. It responds within 5 milliseconds.
  • This very short response time serves to reduce the deviations in transition time.
  • This is why the Acer H series never fails to deliver high-quality moving images which for sure brings exceedingly amazing and water-clear graphics to your movies, games, and all that you like.

Zero-Frame Design

  • The zero-frame design of Acer H236HL is something that does not let any shadow or reflection put any boundary on your visual enjoyment.
  • It provides a stunning 1960 x 1080 resolution which makes it perfect for viewing HD Productivity applications and Multimedia applications.
  • The zero-frame design provides an ideal visual experience if you wish to build video walls with two or more monitors, side by side.

Plentiful Connections

  • Unlike other LED monitors, the Acer H236HL supports a number of ports for various connections. It has various inputs such as VGA, HDMI, and DVI which serve the purpose of connecting your smartphones or tablets for greater enjoyment.
  • You can easily connect your smartphones, tablets, or even CPU to enjoy a wider screen for any of your purposes. You may enjoy Gaming or just do your office-related work on a bigger screen.

eColor Management

  • Acer eColor Management is another amazing feature of the Acer H236HL LCD Monitor.
  • With the help of this feature, the users can easily optimize the image performance when having different scenarios for viewing the screen, and all this just at the touch of a button.

Energy-Star Verified

  • Acer H236HL is compatible with both: Mac and PC computers.
  • It is a Mercury-free constructed product and is Energy-Star verified too. Being Energy-Star Verified means that it uses less energy as compared to other monitors yet provides high visuals and graphics.
  • The Acer H236HL supports power-saving technologies that help to conserve cost and resources.


Product InfoDetails
Display Size23 inches
Display Resolution1980 x 1080
Display typeLED Monitor
SeriesUM. VH6AA.003
Dimensions20.9” x 6.8” x 15.9”
Weight7.9 pounds
Aspect Ratio1:78:1
Available ColorsBlack
First Release Date10th January 2013
Customer Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars

Final Words

Acer H236HL is a truly amazing and ideal LCD monitor. It’s not only great for its looks, but also for its high-quality performance. It has a bright and water-clear screen with a 1960 x 1080 resolution. The availability of various ports makes it an even more preferred monitor as they support plenty of different connections.

This particular Acer LCD Monitor is not just ideal for viewing Images or watching movies, but it also greatly preferred by Gamers. Along with a big display and excellent graphics, it also has amazing sound effects which attract Gamers the most.

Moreover, you may build video walls with two or more monitors with great visuals. So, whether you’re a gamer or you wish to use the LCD Monitor for other business purposes, the Aer H236HL would definitely be a good choice.


Is ACER a good brand?
ACER definitely is a good brand but it can still do much better. It is a highly rated laptop in the market these days and people prefer it mainly because of its affordable laptops. But sadly, what stops it from getting higher scores is its enormous variety.
Is Lenovo better than ACER?
According to the customer ratings and everything, Lenovo is actually better than ACER. Lenovo Laptops also have far better reviews than the ACER laptops. Also, Lenovo has been much successful in providing more reliable and high-quality performing models.
Which is better, HP or ACER?
Well, HP is a bigger brand that also provides better performance models than ACER. HP laptops have a greater number of ports which makes them more reliable and preferred. Besides all this, this is also true that HP has lacked a little behind the front runner in the past few years. But still, HP would be a better choice than ACER.
Is ACER the worst laptop?
Not really. ACER has its own good things about it. But the fact is that most of the IT professionals do consider ACER laptops a badly made product. In a recent review-based interview, the top seven laptop sellers had put ACER among 24% of least reliable laptops while at the same time, it was among 6% of most reliable laptops, according to these sellers.
Is ACER better than ASUS?
ACER is better than ASUS in terms of its price. Other than the price, ASUS would be a better choice than ACER. Whether it’s about the design or performance, ASUS is a better option.


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